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Bridgette Goldstein

Spiritual Director

Crystal Reiki Master

Energy Healer

Intuitive Reader


Arid Spirit

Refreshment for the Soul

Welcome Explorer!

Have you felt like you've been wandering the desert alone and unsure where you are going? Do you feel like old patterns and other blocks have been slowing you down or even making you feel trapped? I understand how frustrating that can feel and I want you to know it can change and it can start now. Allow me to be your guide in releasing all that slows your progress and to finding the way to your genuine self.

Come Exploring With Us

Arid Spirit Explorers

Arid Spirit Explorers is a free Facebook group of open minded explorers.  We explore spiritual topics, go on virtual adventures and get to know ourselves and our world on a deeper level. 

Image by Nana Kim

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