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Wisdom Cards

Contemplation can be practiced using cards.  There are many different types of cards - prayer cards, art cards, oracle cards, tarot cards, saint cards, even contemplation cards. These cards can be used in many different ways, for many things.  To use them for contemplation, you hold a thought or prayer in your mind, shuffle the cards and select one.  It can be the one on the top, the one the bottom or anywhere in between.  You cannot make a wrong choice.   Then you read the card and reflect on how it speaks to the intention set.  We find writing these reflections in a journal enhances the process and may reveal additional pieces of information not originally available.

These card started out as playing cards and became used later for divination. They hold a lot of Judeo-Christian Symbols.


Oracle Cards

Oracle cards, unlike Tarot, don't have set meanings. Each deck has its own set of cards with their very own special meaning.


Prayer Cards

These Catholic cards usually have a Biblical Scene or Figure on the front and a prayer on the back that can be recited.


Tarot Cards

The Tarot is has 77 total cards broken up into the Major and Minor Arcanas. There are 22 Major Arcana Cards that are rich with symbolism. The Minor Arcana are divided up into 4 suites. The Cups are related the the element of water and to emotions. Wands, which are sometimes called staves or staffs, are related to the element of fire and our instincts. Swords are of the air element and represent the mind. The Pentacle Suite is the suite of earth and of the physical body and physical wealth. These four suites are seen in modern tarot as Hearts (cups), Clubs (Wands), Spades (Swords) and Diamonds (Pentacles).


Oracle Cards​

There are a plethora of Oracle Cards to meet every interest. There are those related to Archetypes, Angels, Animal Symbolism, Crystals and much more. They don't have the same connotations often given to Tarot, making some people more comfortable with using them. Each set has its own meanings and usually comes with a booklet specially made to go with the set that shows what each card means.


Prayer Cards​

Originally used by Roman Catholics, prayer cards have become commonly used by many Christian denominations. They usually have either a Biblical Scene, a Saint or another Biblical figure on one side of the card and a prayer on the back. Originally they were sold as something like good luck charms. The prayer was said to bring some sort of reward, something common during the time they first came out. Now days they are sometimes collected.

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