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January 2018

An Invitation

(to sit with  your hurt)


Picture yourself in one of the chairs pictured at the left.  Maybe you have a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea.  Go ahead and put that down on the small table.  Look across the lake to the trees on the other side.  What catches your eye?  Maybe fish jumping, or a canoe navigating toward the shore?  Are those trees actually dancing?  Just as you set your focus to look closer, you hear some light footsteps coming from behind you.  You turn your head, straight into the eyes of hurt.  Instead of darting away, as you have done so many times before, I invite you to look at it closer, just like you were about to look at that tree.  What does it  look like?  Is it male, or female?  Is it young, or old?  Does it look weary, or angry?  Is it physically hurt?  If so, where?  Ask him/her to sit in the chair next to you.  Offer a coffee or tea, there is plenty there, just out of the picture.  As you both sit here, in this peaceful, private place, what do you say to your hurt?  What does he/she say to you?  Stay here as long as you need and come back as often as you would like.  This space is always here.

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