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For Writers

Below are different exercises to try when you need a little push to get those creative juices flowing. Try them out and find which ones resonate with you. Happy Writing!

Exercise 1: Journaling

Journaling can help to connect to Universal Energy and can be used anywhere, anytime.  Instead of reaching for that laptop, considering putting pen to paper in a real journal.  Practicing journaling in this way allows you to focus in on your intention.  Laptops can contain the energies of frustration, anxiety, pressure as well as anticipation of work to be done that can often distract from the connection you seek.  By reaching for a journal and perhaps special pens and pencils, the intention is understood by body, mind, spirit and the universe – you are ready to connect.  Also, when you connect in this way, you never know where the energy will take you – perhaps a grand story that you have been dream of will appear on the pages, or maybe bright colors will splash across the pages telling you their own story.  It is an adventure for sure.  So get that journal, find your happy place and connect.  Here are a few ideas to get your imagination flowing.

Exercise 2: Free Form

Sit down with a piece of paper and pen or pencil and just write whatever pops into your mind. It could be just words, sentences or even paragraphs. Just let it flow. You can pull more from these free form sessions or just leave them where they lay. There's no pressure either way. Make sure you time yourself.

Exercise 3: A Picture is Worth...

Go on line and look up a random picture generator. Get a picture at random and write about it. It could be a short story you made up, a poem, or just write about what you see. Do this with a few images and time yourself. Try it for five or ten minutes a picture. The button below will take you to a random picture generator page.

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