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Sound is created when vibrations travel through matter and enter the ear. They vibrate the tiny hairs in our ears and signals are sent to our brain. Many forms of energy, like sound, travels in waves. Not only can we hear it with our ears, we can feel it with our bodies. It is something that can be enjoyable, like a favorite piece of music, or less so. It can also be used as a form of energy healing.

Tuning Forks are used to check hearing, but may also help with vibrational sound-based healing. Each fork is tuned to a different pitch and resonates with the physical and ethereal bodies.

Tuning Forks

Many cultures practice chanting. It is often used in order to get the person using it into a state of meditation. It clears the mind and gives focus so that we can better connect to our higher power.


Singing Bowls are instruments used for meditation. There are made in different sizes and each has a different tone. They resonate with the body's energies and can be used in sound based healing.

Singing Bowls
Every culture around the world has some form of music. It is something we all share as humans. Music can inspire or pull at our heart springs. It is a language in itself. It can also be a language of healing.


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