Not until we are lost

do we begin to find ourselves.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Our Founder

Arid Spirit was birthed in 2009 through Bridgette Goldstein. In a short few months she won a fight with cancer, survived a divorce from her husband of 15 years and lost her dream job and her home due to an economic decline. After promising herself that she would never be in this position; she found herself, jobless, homeless, without a partner and recovering from an invasive surgery. To the amazement of her friends and family she appeared to be the strongest they had ever seen her. 


She was seeking comfort, love, strength and peace. She was blessed with an excellent support system of friends and family. However, she still felt a deep anguish in her spirit and began to seek answers to questions such as: Who am I? What is real? Who is God? Does prayer really make a difference? Is there something more out there? Arid Spirit was born from this anguished spirit to continue her journey and help others in search of answers.

In 2013, Bridgette completed the The Art of Spiritual Direction program at Stillpoint, The Center for Christian Spirituality ( in Pasadena, California.  She is now a Spiritual Director guiding others in the exploration of these and many other questions.  She has recently added Crystal Healing and Energy Work as steps to her spiritual and personal growth.  She lives just west of Fort Worth in North Texas with her three beautiful dogs.


The Center for

Christian Spirituality



FaithTrust Institute

Reiki Master

Crystal Reiki Center

Disclaimer:  While the information, advice and services given by Arid Spirit and its practitioners may give relief and support to medical, physical and/or psychiatric situations, it is not intended to take the place of medical doctors or mental health professionals as we are neither doctors nor mental health professionals.  By partaking of any or all of our programs, you agree that you are wholly responsible for your actions and your being and do not hold Arid Spirit or its practitioners liable to you for any act or failure to act that you may decide because of information provided to you in-person or via telephonic, electronic, or other means.

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