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Connect to Universal Energy through your explorations.  Go on a hike or take a walk on the beach or through a blooming garden.  Take your camera with you – your cellphone will do.  As you are walking and exploring, what speaks to you?  What does that rock formation look like, maybe a butterfly or a dinosaur or even a dearly departed family member?  What does the image bring to mind?  This is the universe – connecting with you in this moment.  Take a picture so you can look back on this moment or share it with others.

For Explorers


Make a list of different colors, textures, objects and more. Shuffle them up and pick a few before going out to take pictures. As you explore, look for items that match with the cards you picked and snap a picture. Keep a journal of your Treasures and see what other ideas you can add to your treasure cards. This is fun to do with friends and family. They can send you on "missions" to find the treasures.

Exercise 1: Treasure Hunt

Exercise 2: Take a New Perspective

Try looking at things from another perspective. Maybe imagine yourself as a child. What things would you want to take pictures of? What would draw your attention? Remember, you're the height of a child, so take that into consideration. Another idea is to imagine yourself a bird, cat or other animal. How would you see the world from that view?

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