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All that we have needed in the past, what we need in this moment and all we will ever need in the future is contained in Universal Energy.  It is often referred to as Source Energy or Collective Consciousness or God.  Every culture recognizes this is some way; the Chinese call it Chi, in Sanskrit it is referred to as Prana.  The list goes on.  These names are simply an attempt to wrap our minds around a concept that must be felt to be understood.  Every person will connect in their own unique way.  Below are a couple of ideas to explore.


Universal Energy is the energy that comes from the cosmos. It is all around us and wihtin us.
Sound energy is based of of vibrations. All things vibrate, or resonate, even us.
Chakras are energy centers within and even outside of our bodies.

Types of Energy

Crystals have their own resonance and qualities.
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