Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the contemplative practice of connecting with the Divine through your own sacred story.  The director is a facilitator to this connection with the true director, the Divine.  The goal of this practice is to bring an awareness of the Divine to the forefront of the mind.  In this awareness, there is generally a clearing of heart and mind, allowing the directee to listen and connect to the Divine and see how it is working in their life.

A brief introduction to Spiritual Direction

from Founder, Bridgette Goldstein


Discovery .................................................... No Charge

In this 30 minute session you and your director will meet and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about Spiritual Direction, what it is and what it can do for your life.

Rain -  A Taste..................................................... $130


1 - 50 minute session


When people mention religion, Spirit, the Divine or God, do you cringe?  Have you been hurt by the very thing that is ‘supposed’ to have created you?  Do you question the existence of a ‘higher power’?   Are you tired of being judged by well meaning people of religious communities?  We invite you to have a taste of Spiritual Direction.  In this experience, we will honor your story in a safe and sacred space.  Your experiences and questions will be explored unconditionally with no judgment.  You will have the freedom to discover and be who you really are.

Stream -  Get Moving........................................ $320


3 - 50 minute sessions

1 - 10 minute custom guided meditations (recorded)

Life of the Beloved (Spiritual Living in a Secular World) by Henri Nouwen


You know that there is a higher power at work in your life and you want to learn more.  In this experience, you will learn to slow down and really connect personally with the Divine.  There are 3 one on one sessions that will be customized just for you.  We will explore how you can connect more fully with the Divine and begin to notice communication throughout your day.  Also included are 2 ten minute guided meditations, again customized just for you, to use anytime anywhere to help you quiet your mind and open to the Divine.  To assist in your journey, we have also included one of my favorite books and a one of a kind journal made specifically for Arid Spirit. 

Lake - Go Deeper................................................. $520


6 - 50 sessions

2 - 20 minute custom guided meditations (recorded)

Life of the Beloved (Spiritual Living in a Secular World) by Henri Nouwen


You have your own spiritual practices and traditions, but you find yourself lost.  Perhaps you are not getting as much out of these as you had hoped.  Perhaps you are tired of doing the same old thing with no results.  In this experience, we start where you are and begin to cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling connection with the Divine.  We will walk with you on your own path.  We will help you discover who you are as a spiritual being on this planet.  In the 6 one on one sessions, we will slow down and go deep into where the Divine is working in your life.  These sessions are customized to you and each one may be completely different.  To assist you with your deep dive, you will also receive 2 twenty minute guided meditations that will assist you in focusing in on your inner world.  These will be customized just for you.  Also included in this experience is one of my favorite books, a one of a kind journal made exclusively for Arid Spirit and a customized meditation kit just for you. 

Disclaimer:  While the information, advice and services given by Arid Spirit and its practitioners may give relief and support to medical, physical and/or psychiatric situations, it is not intended to take the place of medical doctors or mental health professionals as we are neither doctors nor mental health professionals.  By partaking of any or all of our programs, you agree that you are wholly responsible for your actions and your being and do not hold Arid Spirit or its practitioners liable to you for any act or failure to act that you may decide because of information provided to you in-person or via telephonic, electronic, or other means.

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