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Our paths are adventures for the soul. They are like the people that follow them, no two are alike.  When you add that to the uniqueness of each individual, something magical happens.  We invite you to explore the resources below as if they were guides to your adventure. Like good boots or a sleeping bag that will keep you protected form the cold. Try each of them on and see which ones fit.  Some resources may resonate with you exactly as presented, or may be a jumping off point to a brand new practice, or may not resonate at all.  That is where the magic begins, the exploration is all your own.  Enjoy!



Energy is all around us. It's within us as well.



For centuries mystics have used labyrinths to help them achieve a contemplative state.



Contemplation allows us to slow down and hear the messages coming from the universe and the space within us all.


Wisdom Cards

Wisdom Cards lead us like road signs for the journey of our lives.


Peace Within

One must seek the quiet of the mind in order to find the peace within.



Find the center of your being and still the waters of your mind. Answers and messages will come from the depths.

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