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Our services have been designed to provide refreshment for the soul and calming relaxation .
Our services are provided over the phone or via Skype or in person (if local).

Chakras illustrated over human body with
A Chakra Scan is an energetic check up of the chakras, or energy centers.  There are thousands of chakras in our energy body, this scan will check in with the main seven, located along the spine.  It will identify blocks and stagnant energy that may be keeping you from living your best life.  
Spiritual direction is connecting with the Divine through your own sacred story.  The goal is to bring an awareness of the Divine to the forefront of the mind.  In this awareness, there is a clearing of heart and mind, allowing connection to the Divine.
In these readings, we connect with your higher self, spirit guides and the Divine to bring information to you on a particular subject or messages that will assist you in living a life that is in your highest good.
Crystal Reiki uses the wisdom of the Divine, your angels and guides, combined with life force energy to promote healing and optimum health and wellness.  It helps to release stress and energies that no longer serve you, leading to a sense of deep peace and relaxation.
Guided Meditations help us move forward by reaching into our center to find deep rooted issues that might be hindering us. It brings a peace of mind and helps relieve stress and anxiety.
The Energy healer helps clear and balance energy fields and centers in the body and aura. Doing so helps break down blocks in one's path and enables one to move forward. It may also relieve some physical ailments as well.
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