Most cultures use meditation in some form or other. It has been found to help with reducing stress and related health issues. It helps us get to a quiet place in our minds so that we can refresh ourselves and be open to messages from the Universe and the Divine. 

Meditation can help us towards specific goals. Guided meditation is a tool used for such a purpose. The Guide helps the meditator work through blocks in order to reach that specific goal or goals.

I offer personalized guided meditation sessions and recordings to help you overcome those barriers that are keeping you stuck so that you can get back to your true purpose in this life.


Personalized Guided Meditation.............................. $ 60 

Includes a 30 minute session and Recording of the Guided Meditation

Do you have a specific goal that you are aiming for or are there things blocking your way to your highest you? I will create a personalized guided meditation to help you on your path. You will receive a recording of the session so that you can listen to the meditation any time.

General Guided Meditation........................................ $ 20

Includes pre-recorded Guided Meditation of your choice

I also have pre-recorded Guided Meditations for a variety of purposes such as self empowerment, drawing in wealth and more. Please contact me if you are interested.

Disclaimer:  While the information, advice and services given by Arid Spirit and its practitioners may give relief and support to medical, physical and/or psychiatric situations, it is not intended to take the place of medical doctors or mental health professionals as we are neither doctors nor mental health professionals.  By partaking of any or all of our programs, you agree that you are wholly responsible for your actions and your being and do not hold Arid Spirit or its practitioners liable to you for any act or failure to act that you may decide because of information provided to you in-person or via telephonic, electronic, or other means.

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