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Not Your Ordinary Seal of Approval

Last week, I was honored to earn the seal above from the Crystal Reiki Center. The program took a great deal of time and work, but what I learned and the relationships I found were far more precious than the time and effort it took to finish the program. The program was led by Amber Poole, founder of the Crystal Reiki Center. The center is both a physical and virtual space where masters and students come together to be in the energy of crystals, Reiki, healing and education. I am thrilled to be able to blend my energy with the energy of the Crystal Reiki Center.

Crystal Reiki is a healing modality that focuses in on the body’s chakra (energy center) system. Using universal source energy, the healer works with your spirit team and your higher self to assist you in identifying blocks, stagnant energy and connections that may no longer serve you. The decision on whether to release these is then worked out between you and Source. The Crystal Reiki Master is merely the facilitator of this conversation.

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit work meaning wheel or circle. Some teachers refer to the chakras as wheels of life. Each one corresponds to a set of physical and emotional points that generally have a common theme or purpose. For example, the Root Chakra (or Muladhara in Sanskrit) is the chakra that corresponds to safety, security, finances - basic needs. People with lower back, hip and leg problems often have issues with this chakra.

Crystals come into the conversation to raise your overall vibration to a higher level. This helps the messages from your spirit team come in clearer. Every crystal vibrates at its own frequency. Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency for optimal health and wellness. In crystal healing, the healer puts the appropriate crystal in the client’s chakra field(s) and the chakra energy then calibrates to the crystal energy.

For more information on my Crystal Reiki services, please visit my services page for Crystal Reiki.

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