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A Lesser Known Chakra The Higher Heart Chakra

Many people know about the seven major chakras. I would like to introduce you to a sweet spot, the Higher Heart Chakra. Also referred to as the Ascended Heart Chakra or the Thymus Chakra, it is located between the heart and the throat. According to, this is where intent originates. It is the connection between the reason of language and the emotions of the heart. This chakra aids in clarifying your life’s purpose and strengthens the higher self to express itself.

Cinnamon Crow stated in their blog, Functions of the Higher Heart Chakra, this chakra helps you learn when to show compassion and give aid and when to accept the situations it is and move on as it is not healthy to own another’s suffering.

My personal experience with this chakra is very limited. I look forward to working with it and getting more connected. It has been said that this chakra is the seat of the soul and I, for one, firmly believe this. When I put my hands over my Heart Chakra (located in your heart space) and feel into it energetically, I feel a deep love and I just want to give the whole world a bear hug. When I put both hands over my Higher Heart Chakra (above your heart space right on the bone), I immediately sit up straight. I feel my heart beating inside my body, but I also hear a echo in the ether that beats right in time. Is that my higher self’s heart? I believe it is, calling me, connecting with me from deep in the universe, reminding me of why I decided to come to Earth at this time and in this place. It is a connection that is very difficult to explain, but very powerful to feel.

I invite you to connect with this lesser know chakra and share your experiences in the comments.


Location: Between the heart and throat

Gland: Thymus

Color: Aquamarine

Body System: Immune, Lymphatic

Helps Calm: High Blood Pressure, Irritability, Sleeplessness

Key: F Sharp

Scents: Frankincense, Lavendar, Grapefruit

Crystals: Dioptase, Bloodstone, Angelite, Turquoise, Blue Tourmaline

Affirmation: I ACCEPT

When Open:

  • Able to give and received joyfully

  • Able to connect to your dreams

  • Opens to higher spiritual levels

When Underactive:

  • Inability to express emotion

  • Lack of compassion, self acceptance

  • Overprotective, angry and greedy

When Over Active:

  • Tap into other’s dreams and experience them as your own

  • Feeling the victim, loss of boundaries

  • Accepting unacceptable behavior

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