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Evidence of Moving Forward

I just realized that I have been walking further on my path. As I am climbing into bed after another hot day filled with too many things to do, I see my feet for the first time in a while. Having spent the past month moving into my new house and wearing sandals due to the heat, my feet are bearing the brunt of my journey. Although they were just cleaned, they are dry and peeling and cracked. I have not been paying attention and now they mock me by not taking the salve I offer. It is going to take some time before they will recover – some tender loving care, rest and attention. Then I will move on, a bit wiser. . .

There is a saying “I can rest when I am dead”. This quote hurts my heart because I have found that I can enjoy life more if I take the time to rest and recharge. I have been fighting the urge to go go go – to visit a friend, to see family, to go on the excursion I have been waiting for, etcetera. But this morning as I write this with my cup of coffee in hand and relaxing music in my ears, I am finding great peace and rest in what I love to do – write.

On our journey, we find times of rest and times of moving forward. I encourage you to answer the question – are you resting or are you walking (remember that both are necessary).

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